Friday, August 21, 2015

3D Object Mesh with Windows 3D Builder

So lately I am obsessed with 3D printing again. I was watching the 3D Builder User Manual on Channel 9 yesterday and listening to 'Talk Python To Me' this morning, a podcast that I enjoy listening to. So I decided to do a 3D object mesh using the Python logo and 3D Builder.

3D Builder is a pretty awesome tool, it is free for Windows users and can be used via touch or traditional mouse. It also has a object correction tool tied in to Azure backend to make sure your model is printable. All the steps below are illustrated in the 4th segment of the 3D Builder User Manual so I won't repeat it here.

Final Product (steps below):

Here is an time lapsed video for the initial stage of the prints (2 more closer look videos at the end of page):

The awesome Python logo file was downloaded from Thingiverse here, by Brian J. Geiger.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Import the base and stretch it:

2. Add Python logo and rotate it 90 degrees:

3. Merge the two objects (notice on the top left corner it is now just 1 object):

4. Add embroilment:

5. Here is a pretty cool part for Windows, if your 3D printer is one of the supported ones (like my PrintrBot Simple), you can just File -> Print like a regular 2D printer.

3D Builder is a very cool entry level 3D building program that is easier to learn and use than some of the other CAD programs. Best of all, it is free with Windows 8.1 and 10!

6. Because the time lapsed videos are so cool, I took two more while making another model:

Happy Making!

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