Friday, August 21, 2015

3D Printing Resources

My friends and family know I have been a fan of 3D Printing ever since I saw a demo from MakerBot back in 2012. I proceed to purchase a Replicator 2 in 2013, I had some frustating experience with Replicator 2 that I had to replace the thermal coupler before I can make 'any' print. Hardly the experience you would expect from a $2,200 device that is labeled as 'click and print'.

I have been printing stuff on and off for the next few years, the biggest challenge for me is I cant find a good place to put out the printer. A few weeks ago I moved the printer to the office for the company wide Hackathon and it rekindle my desire to look dig deeper into 3D printing again.

Here are some of the resources that I find useful:

General Knowledge:
3D Printing Essentials from Microsoft Channel9
Make's Yearly Guide to 3D Printing (2015 link here)

3D Builder User Manual from Microsoft Channel9

Print Sharing:

3D Printers:

3D Model Searches:

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  1. Thanks! Jessy. Definitely a cool site, I especially like the STL model rotation view directly in the browser.