Tuesday, September 13, 2016

AWS Internet of Things Button

I received my AWS IoT Button a few days ago. This is a programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button, you know, those little buttons that allows you to order stuff from Amazon by just pressing on it. What is different about this button is the programmability and getting you introduced to the AWS IoT platform with sample code and wizard workflow.

The 'Getting Started' on this page is a good introduction, since the purpose of the button is to allow you to experience the end user experience when they received your future IoT device, I dont repeat or rob you of the experience here. What I want to show would be the sample output of each of the step for me so you can compare with your own if you run into something different.

The whole process took about 1 hour for me, it would have been quicker if I had not deviate from the wizard of trying to see if there were Python Lambda code or if if I had not change the IoT permission in the Wizard.

Here are some picture of the steps:

1. Picture of the IoT button when it arrived:

2. Overall workflow of what we will go thru

3. Choosing the IoT button from the AWS IoT portal

4. Configure the IoT trigger to go to Lambda

5. The page will automatically generate the cert and private key, download them and set up the button by following the instruction on the page

6. Lambda function is now complete

7. You can now press the button, which will blink blue while operating and green when it is done. 

8. Here are some screenshots of the email sent, subscription confirmation page, and following emails. Notice in the subject line there is also the type of button push, single or double click.

This was really fun. I am thinking of other use. The only thing is the sample code is in Node.js, so I need to spend some time looking it over before I can start think of other use cases. At some point I should convert that to Python. :)

Happy coding!


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