Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coding is hard

I dont care what other people say, learn to code is hard. It might be easy to some, but for most of us it is hard, especially if you try to learn it after you have already set in your ways. Family, work, and living a life gets in the way of learning, and it is just so easy to give up. For me, I have given up multiple times, given myself many excuses, but at the end I have decided to stuck it out. Now I roughly play with Python about 10 hours a week.

As mention in my reply to the following blog, the key for me is to remind myself to have fun and make it relevant in daily work. The first part keeps me from banging my head into the wall and second part keeps me motivated with something to show for.

Cheers to all of us network engineers who have chosen this road less traveled (so far). :)

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