Monday, July 18, 2016

The Making of Network Automation Nerds Pre-Flight Podcast

When I was at PyCon 2016, I had the chance to talk to Michael Kennedy from Talk Python To Me a few times. I have been enjoying his podcast for a while now, even was part of the panel on people who recently gotten a job as Python developers.

I tried to pick his brain about his journey and experience. The conversations were really enjoyable, we shared a common interest in Python and building life-style business (think Tim Ferriss of 4-Hour Work Week). Of course, he is waaaay ahead of me as far as progress. :)

One of the things he mentioend was how Podcasting had helped him in building up his audience and that I might give it a shot. After giving it some thoughts, I thought, 'Why not?' It wouldn't hurt to at least learn about the workflow as long as the upfront investment is not that much. Sure enough, after a day or two of planning, I was able to submit and received the approval for my Podcast from iTunes (because who else is out there, really?):

Network Automation Nerds Podcast

"THE" most useful resource that I found, was this tutorial from PodcastAnswerMan as well as this step-by-step-guide from SmartPassiveIncome. I wont repeat his instructions because he does a much better job at his methods. The videos are short and enjoyable so highly recommended that, if interested, go thru them in one setting and drill down on the parts you might need more help on.

Personally, I chose to picked the cheapest way forward:

1. The $2.99 iPhone app for recording audio file.
2. This microphone that was recommended by SmartPassiveIncome on the link above. It is a bit pricey at $79 but I figure I will be able to reuse them for other projects as well.
3. My audio file was put on my a web server that I already have.
4. The initial RSS feed was done via Blogger, which was free. As recommended by PodCastAnswerMan, this can be changed if you have a bigger audience later on.
5. The middle feed was done on Feedburner, combine with step #4, this provides the most flexibility to bootstrap the podcast quickly as well as expansion opportunity if your audience grow later on.

Overall, I was surprised at how easy the whole process was. All for less than $100. Even with the equipment I bought they can be reused later on. I love the fact that we are now all self-branded and we can deliver our message to the biggest audience possible as long as they offer value to others.

Now comes the hard part, offer value to people who give the Podcast a shot and offer them incredible amount of value!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions about the process of making this go live. :)

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