Friday, August 31, 2012

Arista with Python - Part 1

Arista blew us away with EOS and Python integration the first time I get to see it. Prior to the current job I have never heard of the company, but now I think they are one of the best companies to challenge Cisco in the Data Center space. The EOS syntax is almost identical to IOS, providing low learning curve, and it is about as close to a Linux box as it gets, providing all the little tools [grep, awk, sed] that people come to love. All the CLI is written in Python so you have the freedom to tweak if you so inclined and familiar with the structure of their OS.

Here is a graph representation of their SysDB architecture, I am not an expert, but it was described to me as in-state database with a pub/sub model. Each of the little circle is an agent that exchange their state information to the central SysDB and receive other information about the box back. In reality, it means we can separate out the components and get a more stable box when something bad happens. Juniper used to be the standard at this, but now I think it is Arista.

Here is the company's web site:
Arista Networks

Here are two links to the location where you can see some example of the scripts:
EOS Central
EOS Central Dev Blogs

In later sections I will pick out some of the more useful scripts that I find.

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