Monday, January 22, 2018

Network Automation Nerds Shoes

Hi Network Automation Nerds, yep, you read that title right, I am writing about shoes in this blog post. For the impatient, just click here on to see the pair for yourself. (Full disclosure: I get $15 royalty from every shoe purchase, which I am happy to donate to a charity).


"Why?" well, let me tell you:

  • I am kind of a sneaker head. Here is the Urban Dictionary of what a sneaker head is. I don't believe I am a die-hard shoe collector (my wife might disagree), but I do like them. I have about 13 pairs of retro Jordan shoes up to Jordan 14 (his last championship year with the Chicago Bulls). Growing up not able to afford them in the 90's gave me kind of a weak spot when I spot the retro shoes. Being blessed with working in the high tech industry where we can wear whatever we want to work, the Jordan's has been my "work" shoes for the last 17 years. 
  • It is kind of fun to see your logo on a physical product. That is why people like to customize so much and T-Shirt swags are prevalent at almost every single start-up's out there. Shoes are about 13x more expensive than a T-Shirt to buy, but hay they are about 20x more durable. At least I hope they last 20x longer anyways. 
  • Prepare and practice for future events. If my company ever goes IPO, one can certainly hope, I already know how to make a pair of IPO-bound shoes for the event! Or at the very least, I can wear this pair at Meet Up's and be a conversation starter. 
I can't wait to see them in person (15-20 wordays and ship from Italy). 



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